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Frog Friendly™ Events and Trade Shows

Traditional events and trade shows produce a large amount of solid waste and are significant users of energy and resources.

Following is an example of an integrated leap forward. We realize that budgets vary, so choosing only a few, of the following components may be your first leap. As the market responds positively to your leaps, we will help you take ever greater leaps forward.

Remember: Every leap forward is better than no leap at all.


Event Planning

When planning your green event or trade show there are many strategies to reduce the impact of the event on our environment. Reducing waste, using reusable or biodegradable utensils and food containers, powering with green energy, and serving local food are only a few.

Your Pre-show E-mail

Instead of paper invitations, why not send a preshow e-mail. If an invitation with substance is called for, we can provide printing on paper made from 100% post consumer waste fibres.

Your Trade Show Display

Our friends at DisplayIt can provide a display made from recycled and renewable materials that will deliver your green message
with greater impact.

Your Green Event Power

Our friends at Bullfrog Power can provide green energy for your office and your events.

Your Frog Friendly™ 100% PCW
Marketing Collateral

We can print your marketing collateral on 100% PCW paper and print it with less impact on the environment.

Your Frog Friendly™ Uniforms

Why not dress the people in your booth in Frog Friendly™ bamboo, soya or organic cotton. The new eco wear is being produced by fashion conscious designers at a competitive price. Contact us for the latest styles.


Your Frog Friendly™ Bio Badge Holders

Traditional trade show badge holders are made from vinyl or plastic. At the end of an event few are recycled. Frog Friendly™ badge holders are made from biodegradable vinyl or corn derivative. They look the same as traditional badge holders but have less impact on our environment.


Your Frog Friendly™ Lanyards

Frog Friendly™ lanyard styles are made from organic cotton or recycled pop bottles.


Your Frog Friendly™
Reusable Tote

The alternatives are endless. Many municipalities are moving towards banning plastic bags. Frog Friendly™ totes are made from organic cotton, recycled beverage bottles, hemp, jute, or bamboo.

Your Frog Friendly™ Traffic Builder

This is the key piece that attracts attendees to your booth and leaves you with qualified leads to follow up with after the show. Contact us to develop your next traffic builder or qualified lead generator.

Your Frog Friendly™ Business Cards

Like your Frog Friendly™ marketing collateral, Frog Friendly™ business cards are printed with less impact on our environment.

Your Frog Friendly™ Follow-up

The weakest link in any trade show involvement for many organizations is follow up. Timely follow up to qualified leads is essential. A unique follow up is even better. Contact Avatar to create unique follow up ideas for your next show.


To remain leaps ahead of our would-be competition, we are only posting a small sampling of our many Frog Friendly™ solutions. Promo items are nothing without context. Contact Avatar to create award winning context to effectively build traffic and generate qualified leads at your next show.

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