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Frog Friendly™ Brand Audit

A brand is the promise we make our customers, combined with their perception of how well we live up to that promise. Every interaction reinforces or contradicts that promise and creates the potential to reposition your brand in the eyes of the marketplace.

Marketing materials are an extension of your organization, and the face of your brand. In fact, they are often the first contact a potential customer, or employee, will have with your brand.

If you have a green message it is essential that your marketing materials do not contradict that message.

Your organization is unique. Your challenges are unique. You will not find the solutions to your most pressing challenges in a catalogue or on a web site. It is only through consultation that we can help you develop a program of manageable leaps to meet your marketing targets AND your carbon targets.

Our Green Brand Audit assesses your present marketing materials, and recommends leaps best suited to your unique objectives. Our recommendations will help reduce deskfill as well as landfill.

Dimensional Advertising™

Promotional products alone are merely building blocks. It is the context in which we use them that makes them any more.

Our trademark Dimensional Advertising™ programs integrate visual and tactile components to break through the traditional marketing clutter, to engage your prospects with measurable results.

Avatar Brand Management Inc. has won seven national marketing awards for our marketing, merchandising and Dimensional Advertising™ programs.

Using promotional products strategically and proactively helps you reduce deskfill as well as landfill.

To remain leaps ahead of our would-be competition, we are only posting a small sampling of our many Frog Friendly™ building blocks. To learn how to assemble them to achieve results please contact Avatar Brand Management directly.

Frog Friendly™ Certification

You're working hard on your commitment and want to show the world the leaps you are making. That is why we offer Frog Friendly™ Certification. To earn certification you must complete 10 individual leaps towards sustainable marketing. Once you become certified you can proudly display the Frog Friendly™ certification logo on your web site and all your “green” marketing materials. Let your customers know you are committed to taking leaps forward.

With Frog Friendly™ Consulting and our preferred vendors it is easy to take 10 individual leaps. Before you know it, you will be leaps ahead of your competition.


Frog Friendly™
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