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Every leap forward is better than no leap at all

Marketing materials have a significant impact on our environment. They also have a significant impact on building and maintaining your brand.

In 2008 Avatar Brand Management inc. attended a major international conference on the environment. There were numerous companies exhibiting, all trying to communicate their green commitments. However, many were handing out brochures printed on virgin pulp and over-packaged plastic swag. We noticed the contradiction, I wonder how many of their customers did?

We saw a pressing need to help organizations communicate their green commitments credibly, and launched our Frog Friendly™ Consulting division.

Frog Friendly™ Consulting integrates a comprehensive set of sustainable tools to deliver your green message with impact and grow your green brand, credibly.

Frog Friendly™ Consulting has become a national leader in results oriented green marketing; the only green division to have won the prestigious national Gold Image Award for marketing not once, but twice consecutively.

We encourage you to examine your marketing materials as well as your meetings and events and join us to take a leap towards sustainable marketing.

Your first leaps may be small, but every leap forward is better than no leap at all.

Frog Friendly™
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