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Frog Friendly™ Brand Builders - Beverageware

Branded beverageware can keep your message in front of your target for 8 hours a day. Views per dollar are virtually unrivalled. It is one of the few advertising mediums that remains on the most valuable marketing real estate... your target’s desk. Contact us to explain how.


Frog Friendly™ Reusable Beverageware

More than 20 billion plastic water bottles end up in North American landfills and incinerators every year. By choosing reusable water containers you are making a great leap towards sustainable marketing and growing your green brand. Our choice is Aluminum or BPA Free beverageware. Contact us to discuss our many Frog Friendly™ examples.

Frog Friendly™ Reusable Beverageware
From Renewable Resources

By choosing reusable water containers made from renewable resources you are making an even bigger leap towards sustainable marketing and growing your green brand. Our Frog Friendly™ mugs made from corn or potato derivatives are not only good for the planet but are great conversation pieces.


To remain leaps ahead of our would-be competition, we are only posting a small sampling of our many Frog Friendly™ building blocks. To learn how to assemble them to achieve results, contact Avatar.

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