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Frog Friendly™ Brand Builders - Apparel

Custom branded apparel is a powerful brand builder. On a happy employee it turns into an interactive billboard, extolling the virtues of your products and services, and a powerful recruitment tool.

Here are a few apparel ideas to use to grow your green brand. Contact us to explain how, and why.


Organic Cotton

Traditional cotton production uses more pesticide than any other crop.

By choosing organic cotton we reduce the amount of harmful chemicals that enter our environment.

We draw from a large selection of colors and styles in mens, ladies, youth and toddler organic cotton apparel, as well as headwear and reusable bags. These are only a few.


Bamboo uses no pesticides or herbicides to grow. Reaching maturity in less than five years, it is a truly sustainable resource.

Bamboo fabric clothing is naturally antimicrobial.

Take a fashionable Frog Friendly™ leap with our selection of mens and ladies bamboo and bamboo blend apparel, headwear and reusable bags. These are only a few.


Soya fabric is made from a renewable resource that offers a very soft hand. Take a fashionable Frog Friendly™ leap with our soya fabric blend golf shirts. These are only a few samples.

Recycled Polyester

Ever wonder where those recycled water bottles end up? A number of Frog Friendly™ apparel items are made from fabrics derived from post consumer products. Contact us to show you how to best use them as Brand Builders.


To remain leaps ahead of our would-be competition, we are only posting a small sampling of our many Frog Friendly™ building blocks. To learn how to assemble them to achieve results, contact Avatar.

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