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About Us

Our mission is to provide a complete set of tools to deliver your green message with impact and grow your green brand credibly.

Our Marketing Credentials

Avatar Brand Management Inc. is the agency that pioneered Dimensional Advertising™. We have won seven national marketing awards for integrating promotional items with print collateral to create exceptional results for our clients. You can be assured we are not just flogging green products. We have the knowledge, the creativity, and the proven track record to help you reach your individual objectives, while showing the world the green side of your brand.

We work with all levels of government, several non profits and many private and publicly owned corporations. Our typical corporate customer has a market capitalization in excess of $10 million and a dedicated promotional marketing budget of $50 000+. We work directly with upper management to develop objective based programs to reach your goals and grow your brand.

Our Green Credentials

Greener marketing is not a bandwagon we are leaping on. With Frog Friendly™ Marketing we are simply returning to our roots. Our P.E.T. Project (Preserving our Environment for Tomorrow) was a pioneering effort in green marketing. In the early 1990’s we executed a successful multi year campaign, marketing greener products nationwide, with a single focus: the designation of an endangered ecosystem, in southern British Columbia, as a provincial park. Today the West Arm Provincial Park stands testament to our commitment.

Our P.E.T. Project proved that a small group of committed individuals can make a difference.

Today, our offices are Bullfrog powered, and particular attention is paid to using reused or recycled office products.

With proven success in our past we look forward to our new challenge of leading the leap towards sustainable marketing.

Frog Friendly™
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