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Why Leap With Us?

10 compelling reasons to leap with us:

  • We are committed to leading the leap towards sustainable marketing.
  • We are committed to you, our client, your customers, and your reputation.
  • We have a proven marketing track record and a proven green track record.
  • We recommend the best green options and we are able to explain why.
  • When something goes wrong you find out how good your advisors are. We fix mistakes immediately.
  • We have won 7 national marketing awards for creating results for you, our clients.
  • We created Canada's First Green Brand Management Resource to deliver your green message with impact and grow your green brand credibly
  • The members of our strategic alliance are leaders in their fields and offer real solutions to lessen your brands' footprint.
  • We remain committed to sourcing the best solutions, keeping apprised of rules and regulations, and bringing new alliances to the table.
  • In 18 years of business we have NEVER missed an event date.


Frog Friendly™
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  • Copywriting/Technical Writing
  • Event Planning
  • Organization & Event Power
  • Printers
  • Print & Website Design
  • Trade Show & Event Displays
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