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Why Frogs?

The Frog Friendly Movement

The Frog Friendly movement is about taking manageable leaps at home and at work, towards reducing our impact on our shared environment.

Why Frogs?

We chose the frog as a rallying point because frogs are facing extinction at alarming rates due to pollution, habitat loss, and climate change, all factors that threaten humans as well.

Individual Leaps.

By committing to individual leaps in the name of saving the frog, collectively we are taking larger leaps towards solving the issues we share.

What Kind Of Leaps?

A leap forward is as simple as an action you can take today, that is more frog friendly than the way you did it yesterday, or a decision to support a business who is making positive leaps forward.

Support Every Leap Forward.

We know we can’t change the world overnight, but we must encourage every leap forward. Our first leaps may not be perfect but every leap forward is better than no leap at all.

The Quantum Leap.

Each individual leap will compel others to leap. Supporting businesses committed to taking a leap will compel them to take ever greater leaps and before we know it, we’ll have collectively taken a quantum leap forward. Frog Friendly products will be the norm, and a premium will be paid for products that are harmful to our shared environment.

Frog Friendly™
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