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Frog Friendly™ General Marketing Tools

Following are a few great green building blocks. Contact us to show you how to incorporate them effectively to reach your goals.

Frog Friendly™
Biodegradable Writing Instruments

The manufacture of traditional plastic pens requires petroleum products and contributes to the production of greenhouse gases.

Most of the components in these alternatives are biodegradable and produce far less of a carbon footprint during their production. They are made from corn, potato or beet derivatives.


Frog Friendly™ Enviro Pad

North Americans throw away enough wood and paper each year to heat five million homes for 200 years. These sticky notes are made from 100% post consumer fibre paper and are processed chlorine free. They are manufactured using water based inks and adhesives.

Frog Friendly™ Eco Button

Saving the environment can save you money! This unique button plugs into your USB port. When you are not using your computer, simply press the button and your computer will be placed into an energy save mode.

A small to medium sized business running 50 computers could save around 3.40 tons of CO2 and almost $1000 per year of electricity by using the ecobutton™ for just 2 hours per day. A larger business operating 1000 PCs or more could save over $15,000 and prevent a staggering 68 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere just by using the ecobutton™ for 2 hours each day. This does not include the times when PCs may be left running all night and over the weekend, if ecobutton™ is used during these times the savings could be much higher.

Frog Friendly™ Compressed T

A great Frog Friendly™ green promotional tool. The bamboo or organic cotton t-shirt is compressed into a specific shape. A custom graphic is printed on recycled card stock and the unique branded item is shrink wrapped in corn based cellulose.

Frog Friendly™ Recycled Plastic Rulers

Measure your leaps with these unique rulers made from a number of different fibre sources. Blue rulers are made from denim scraps, yellow from yellow pages, brown from sawdust and green from recycled US currency.

Frog Friendly™
Recycled Plastic Photo Frames

Picture your image in this frame made from 100% recycled electronics.

Frog Friendly™ Seeded Paper

Plant this paper and watch the flowers, and your green brand, grow! A great alternative to traditional invitations.


To remain leaps ahead of our would be competition, we are only posting a small sampling of our many Frog Friendly™ building blocks. To learn how to assemble them to achieve results contact Avatar.

Frog Friendly™
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